Training Leaders To Adopt A Trauma-Informed Approach To Enhance Employee Retention: Mitigating Stress-Induced Burnout And Fostering Mental Well-being In Organisations

Trauma-informed leaders

Ready To Transform Your Work Place?

Discover how you can be a trauma informed leader, to support employee well-being and retention. As a leader you can bridge the gap between personal challenges and workplace excellence for yourself and your team!

Corporate Wellness Consultancy

How important is boosting team moral, productivity and the overall wellness within your work place?

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees were showing up from a place of excitement, passion and happiness to come to work, instead of thinking:

  • It’s just a job
  • I’m not seen, heard or validated 
  • I’m not understood
  • I’ve got too much going on at home 
  • I can’t concentrate
  • I don’t want to be here today 
  • I’m not feeling great
  • They don’t know me or care
  • I hate this job

The list is endless……………

Corporation Wellness Consultancy

As Trauma Educators we believe that stepping into self-leadership starts with you. This allows you to lead from a place of compassion, curiosity, calm, connectedness, empathy and understanding, as opposed to leading from a place of frustration, anger, resentment, control, criticism and shaming.

By embodying self-leadership you will create the change in your organisation to support trauma and mental health amongst your employees.

Self leadership fosters a supportive working environment that recognises and addresses the impact of trauma on employees. It creates a culture that is open in supporting and providing tailored support to meet the individual needs.

We lead bespoke training and coaching packages tailored to meet the individual and business needs. The core of our work is centred around the individual and our way of working is a mixture of theory and creativity.

Through trauma informed education and coaching we will explore within the organisation what is potentially causing the challenges within the work place that effects absences, mental health illness and productivity.

“I have always known the term “boundaries” on paper. I thought I knew how to put boundaries in both my work and private life. However this word always had a negative connotation in my mind. When we started the lecture with Blossoming Connections, led by Christine and Nicki I wasn’t sure what to expect I only knew we would discuss “boundaries”. This lecture blew my mind as I have never thought about it in a positive way, especially when it comes to saving your own energy and limiting people pleasing, disappointment and exhaust. I also never thought that putting a healthy boundaries is an important part of my work- life balance and personal growth. The workshop did the right thing for me at exactly the right time –  I so much needed this reminder. Thank you, ladies for creating this amazing space for all of us who joined to share and also big thank you for spreading the awareness!

Boryana Tuzharova

I attended a Boundary workshop run by Blossoming Connections and was impressed with how it was delivered and the playful nature with which it was delivered with. It was interactive, fun and most importantly memorable. It helped me visualise and map out what is important to me and review how strong my boundaries really are. Sometimes as leaders we can give too much to others, however to perform at our best we have to protect our boundaries so that we have the energy to deliver what we need to. Would highly recommend booking Christine and Nicki for a workshop for employees, leadership, and executive teams.

Davina Schonle

Blossoming Connection is a great consultancy if you are considering to get to the next level in business. Christine and Nicki are both very professional and with deep understanding in their subject.

They delivered a  few times various trainings for me- my CPD group and workshops on Time Management, Boundaries and Reducing Anxiety. The feedback of all the participants after was amazing. The workshops they provide are structured to a great level of detail and professionalism.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate leader I highly recommend blossoming connections if you want to decrease stress, increase productivity and lead a fulfilled career or business.

Anna Yaramboykova

Sat with Laptop and mircophone

Welcome to Blossoming Connections, founded by Nicki and Christine – Accredited Play and Creative Therapists, Trauma-Informed Leaders, and Wellbeing Consultants. Our mission is to cultivate emotional well-being through creative approaches, and trauma-informed leadership.

Our therapeutic approach which is grounded in trust and safety, presence and creativity, extends to organisational leaders. Embrace the benefits of trauma-informed education with us to enhance the well-being of your employees and your company.

Amongst the challenges of busy professional and personal lives, mental health issues in the workplace are on the rise. Explore our tailored packages, integrating creative tools and expertise, designed to support the mental and emotional health of your employees.

Our Methodology

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Fostering Empowerment

Cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment and recognising achievements, strenghts and contributions to inspire individuals to reach their full potential

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Cultivate And Enhance Relationships 

Fostering the growth of relationships, encouraging exploration and improvement through visibility, active listening and validation  

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Embrace Emotions 

Cultivating a mindful and curious connection to your feelings, fostering kindness and an empathetic understanding within yourself and others

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Empower Through Space

Providing individuals with dedicated time and a safe environment for thoughtful exploration, fostering personal and professional growth